Virtual Reality
Project Visualizations

Virtual showrooms for high impact sales and a low eco-footprint.

Virtual Reality
Project Visualizations

Virtual showrooms for high impact sales and a low eco-footprint.

Why Modello?

Welcome to High-Impact Virtual Reality for Better Business

Significant waste goes into building one of real estate’s most important sales tools: the showroom.

What happens to those resources once the sales period is over? Developers eat the manufacturing cost—manpower, materials, time—and the environment pays a price. In space-strapped cities like Vancouver, that vital square footage could be put to better use.

Imagine. A virtual showroom that integrates with the space you have, has all of the same capabilities—but better.

Make your sales pitch through the power of Virtual Reality.

Modello: Bringing
Vision to Life

Virtual Reality invites us into the personal,
visceral — the real.

Modello is a tool that helps you create a custom visualization of your project.

Designed for the light and portable Oculus Go VR headset, it allows your audience to fully experience your project visualization as if they were really there.

Clients can see everything from the cozy details of a new luxury apartment to enjoying the breathtaking rooftop views of a skyscraper.

A comprehensive set of browser-based tools also allows you to take your visualization to social media, on sales trips, and integrate with mobile devices.

The Modello Experience:

Fully Immersive

We’re more than a 360° image.

A fully-immersive, virtual replica of your project allows for full 3-D freedom: look, move, and change things around!

Dynamic & Flexible

Show off different floor plans, customize finishings and furniture, change the time of day and more.

Travels Well

Modello runs on Oculus Go, a light, cordless, VR headset that’s easy to transport.

Bring your presentation to the people!


Virtual space is cheap!

Endless layouts and variations are possible.

Group Experience

Multiple people can explore the space at once or be taken on a guided tour by your sales rep.

Comfortable experience for all levels of VR users.

Web Friendly

Reach your online audience by using Modello as a web-based experience through social media and other online marketing.

Where can I use Modello?

It’s flexible nature is perfect for every step of
the property development process.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Show the beauty of what a space could be with fully customizable renderings: change finishings, add furniture, and even control the time of day.

Travel Friendly

Travel Friendly

Perhaps your clientele isn’t even all in the same city. Make world-wide sales pitches online with the beauty of Modello.



Our exclusive Presenter Tool allows a real estate agent or salesperson to customize a Modello demo for a client’s unique experience. The presenter can also take control of the demo and give guided tours through the virtual world they are showing. Tours can be personalized by highlighting selling points as if you were actually there, and even allow you to change finishings or add furniture.

Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Preview planned developments at city hall and public forums where citizens can come and view proposals in a meaningful way.



Preview floor plans in the most detailed, visually stunning way possible with Modello.

Personal Sales Call

Personal Sales Call

Fixed showrooms are a thing of the past. Bring planned developments and properties for sale or rent to potential clients thanks to Modello’s portable nature.

Building a future together!

At AllBright Designs Inc., we’re in it for the long haul. That means for you, your company, and for the future of our planet. When you partner with us, we’re with you from project conception until the final phase of development.

Our flagship product Modello was designed as a multi-purpose tool to manifest your vision during the planning and pre-sale stages of property development while you pitch investors and share the preview before building, as well as to model existing spaces.

Not sure where to start? Let us help you decide on the how and the what: how Modello can help your company, and what aspects of it you’ll need. We’ll be there step-by-step, from the creation of assets, training your staff, to taking care of all the technical bits so you don’t have to.

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